Frequently Asked Questions


What is Amber?
How did Amber start?
How is Amber different from a traditional extended warranty provider?
Why should I trust Amber?
When will Amber be available in my state?
How do you keep my information private?


What is AmberCare?
How much is AmberCare?
Can I purchase AmberCare if my manufacturer’s warranty has expired?
How does it work if the manufacturer’s warranty is still effective?
How does AmberCare’s coverage compare to the manufacturer’s warranty?


What does AmberCare cover?
What do I need in order to apply for AmberCare?
Do you have a waiting period?
How much can AmberCare save me in unexpected repair costs?
How much is the deductible?
Do you cover commercial or rideshare vehicles?

Roadside Assistance

Does AmberCare reimburse me for tows?
Does AmberCare reimburse me for rentals or alternative transportation (e.g. Uber or Lyft)?
Can you recommend any EV-friendly towing companies?


How do I file a claim and assure approval?
How will reimbursements for claims work?
How long does it take to process a claim?


Where can I go to repair my EV?